A friend of mine told me about a program that teaches writers how to be more professional and financially successful. Artists Trust Literary EDGE is for emerging and mid-career writers. I applied; I was quite prepared not to get in. After all, they must be thinking “young” for “emerging” and “published” for “mid-career.” It was a pleasant surprise to be accepted, and to receive the scholarship I requested.

What would Lit EDGE be like? The brochure indicated I would be learning about self-presentation, running a business, finding an agent, finding a publisher, promotion, and more. But who would be there? I carpooled with two other participants to Fort Worden in Port Townsend for an 8-day stay, and by the time we got there we were friends. Then the class spent the first afternoon introducing ourselves by reading from our work. Off to a fast start in getting acquainted, we learned about one another’s pain points. That’s what we write about, in one way or another. Well, no surprise there.

My cohort included one biographer, four novelists, five memoirists, four poets, and an adventure journalist, with overlaps—memoirist poets, etc.

Apple was my roommate in the little barrack house. We will always share the memory of that creaking floor. I was thrilled to learn that Apple is, like me, working on a dystopian novel.

For fun, I’m going to try to conjure impressions of my fellow Lit EDGE writers (in no particular order) in six words each:

Richard: You can’t hurry a spiritual novel.

Christine: Don’t let her cane fool you.

Apple: Wit and sparkle overcome sleep deficit.

Leslie: We need more moms spotlighting racism.

Jim C:  You just want to hug him.

Johanna: She gives me prestigious publications envy.

Shelby: So young, so serious, so smart.

Diane: Gracious lady digs dirt on dad.

Sarah: Fuck stigma! This is me, folks.

Kyle: Laughing with blood in his shorts.

Penny: The truth told is a salve.

Molly: I see a gift for leadership.

Nick: Richard Halliburton, Thor Heyerdahl, Jon Krakauer.

James S.: Doesn’t realize how good he is.

Nicole: Bourbon neat. Coffee on the side.

Zach: Details, details. All good. See ya.

me: Hard landing back in normal life.

Thus far, few people outside of the Lit EDGE community have found my blog, so many of you who read this will find yourselves sketched above. Hope you are entertained and delighted.

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