“New Dresses” is a short story about the Diaz family, Jaime, Olivia, Florie and Carmen. They work a truck farm in Montana and figure prominently in Worst Case, 2020.

I plan to write a bunch of short stories in which I give you an insider knowledge of important characters and the times in which they live. Like the novel, this story has several points of view experiencing the same thing.

The stories will be grouped by category, so later, if you want to know all about Jaime, for instance, those will be easy to find.

Just for fun, this post features a photo from the ranch where I grew up. In the Adams family, the place is called Magic Spring. Water comes out of the rocks (in the distance) year around. It’s a tradition to bend over and drink from it like a water fountain. It tastes clean and crisp, the best water in the world.

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