Worst Case, 2020

…is a novel not yet published, but it exists in a good draft. It is presently being reviewed by selected readers.

If you’ve gotten this far, you want to know what kind of novel this is.

Worst Case, 2020 is set in the near future, starting in 2020 (duuuhhh…), in a time when the decisions of a few cause a cascade of difficulties for the general populace of the United States. The story mostly takes place in rural Montana and Seattle. This story follows six main characters.

  • Jaime Diaz, brilliant young inventor
  • Felicity Riverfalls Swan, daycare worker of Native American heritage
  • Staci Burnett, passionate gardener since her teens
  • Laurie Flynn, information technology pro who can’t persuade her boyfriend of 18 years to marry her
  • Giles Thomas, who passes for a member of the wealthy class until he betrays them
  • Pete Frick, one of the richest power brokers in the country who is worried about his grandson

These are people who lead full lives. When the book opens, they already have problems. Some of them will soon be struggling to survive. The rest will be struggling to manage in the accelerating chaos, even if they still have food and shelter.

There is no asteroid, no epidemic, no atomic bomb, no catastrophic resource shortage. It’s enough that a few people make arrogant decisions. They decide there are not enough economic and natural resources to go around at the current size of the United States population. They use their political power to solve that problem proactively in a way they think will be most beneficial to them.

The purpose of this blog is whet your appetite for the book when it comes out. There will be full short stories about the book’s characters. There will be resources that provide background on some of the characters’ survival strategies. Who knows, there may be contests, parades, and…rodeos?

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